• ❖ WINNER Best Music Documentary, 18th Bare Bones International Film Festival 2017

  • ❖ WINNER Best Documentary, 8th Fort Myers Film Festival 2018

  • ❖ WINNER Best International Documentary, 16th Garden State Film Festival 2018

  • ❖ WINNER Audience Choice Award, Hot Springs Women’s Film Festival 2018

  • ❖ WINNER Gold Award Best Documentary, Spotlight Film Festival 2018

  • ❖ WINNER Best International Documentary, Color Tape Film Festival 2018

  • ❖ WINNER Best Documentary, Meraki Film Festival 2018

  • ❖ WINNER Best Director, Borderlands Film Festival 2018

  • ❖ WINNER Best Feature Documentary, Nice IFF 2018

  • ❖ WINNER Best Documentary, MedFF 2019

~  TOP PICKS of 16th WHISTLER FILM FESTIVAL  ~ Winner Best Documentary Feature ~ Bare Bones Int. Film and Festival ~ Winner Gold : Spotlight Documentary Film  Awards   ~ Vancouver Sun picks MELODY MAKERS as highlight at "Whistler Film Festival"  ~   "Honorable Mention 35th New Jersey Int. Film Festival"  ~ Nominated Best Documentary by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists

R E V I E W S & T E S T I M O N I A L S

  • Canadian filmmaker Leslie-Ann Coles’ feature documentary film MELODY MAKERS is not just another doc about a band. Instead, it chronicles the birth of music journalism, and the world’s oldest and longest standing seminal magazine, Melody Maker, founded in London, England in 1926. eBOSS Canada

  • This film is an absolute treat, but you don’t have to be a music journalist or a photographer to love Melody Makers. You’ll see amazing photographs, hear incredible stories, and learn nuggets about the music industry that might surprise you. Gary Wenn, New Jersey Stage

  • Filmmaker, Leslie-Ann Coles did wonders in developing a very unique and clever concept to create what I consider is a masterpiece of the music documentary genre, it's an amazing work of art that deserves international recognition. Steven Nardelli, The Syn

  • …The narrator- less film rattles along to the extent that an hour and a half later I couldn’t believe it was over, so enthralled was I by the anecdotes, analysis, pictures and film of such an extraordinary ten years of music. Martin Webb, A New Day

  • …The tunes and the images, combined with countless inspiring and entertaining first-hand recollections, brilliantly resurrect a time that produced some of the most remarkable artists that have ever lived. Amy Balog, 60’s Today …

  • This cheerful history of the British music weekly Melody Maker has enough inside dope to maintain interest. Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight

  • People with a love of classic 60s and 70s rock' n roll will not want to miss this. In telling the history of England's most influential rock newspaper, and the people who wrote and shot photographs for it, director Leslie-Ann Coles has unearthed a veritable treasure-trove of rare photos and incredible first-hand tales of all of your favorite rock legends from that era from Keith Moon to Jimmy Hendrix to The Who and Cream.  Paul Gratton, Whistler Film Festival.