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They say if you can remember the sixties you weren’t really there. But in the case of Melody Maker, the UK music weekly that anticipated Rolling Stone, at least there are archives to unlock the memory gates.

Formerly a jazz publication (it dates back to 1926), Melody Maker became the bible for the nascent rock-n-roll scene in the mid ’60s and enjoyed a symbiotic and often bizarrely intimate relationship with many bands who would now be considered legendary. In many cases it was MM that made them: Hendrix, Bowie, The Who, Genesis, Elton John, YES, these were the new cover stars for a generation ready for a musical revolution.

In those days reporters didn’t sit down for roundtables with their subjects, they hung out together after the gigs and met for a pint the next day. The stories flow thick and fast in this insider’s guide to the glory days of rock and ink, fabulously illustrated by the work of the magazine’s in-house photographer, Barrie Wentzell.

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