IDM Designed and Developed by LESLIE ANN COLES

Using a curated list of photos from the collection, we will develop a straight-ahead “match game” style game that will show the user a picture of a rock star or band, with a simple prompt of “Who’s on the left?” or “Name the band.” For group shots, the required answer will be highlighted indicating that we are looking for one specific person. The game will also include assorted Melody Maker Covers that will be matched with the original photographs.  

When the photo is displayed, the game will display four possible answers, and the clock will count down from 15 seconds, removing an answer every 5 seconds until the last answer is left. Points are scored by how quickly users can choose the correct answer. By connecting the game to Game Center, users will be able to compare their progress and high score to others playing the game.

Each time a correct answer is reached, users can share the image with friends along with the time it took them to guess. When the user gets the correct answer, they will be able to save photos to their phone, share them with friends and set them as their iOS backgrounds. Users will also be able to explore the photos, Melody Maker covers and album covers individually in slideshow or manual advance mode. In this mode, clicking on the photo will flip it around to reveal the story, date and other information about the image. Since the photos are random, we can continue to extend the game as time goes on by adding more content. Extra content packs will also be available for sale through in-app purchases.

In addition to the game component of the app, users will also be able to explore photos on a map, watch interview excerpts with the photographer, featuring footage provided by LA Coles Fine Art Films.